10 Plant Display Ideas for Urban Jungle Dwellers

If you're inspired by the urban jungle trend sweeping social media and want to transform your home into a plant haven, then you've come to the right place. In this post, we're exploring 10 of our favorite plant display ideas for all of you plant lovers looking to make a statement by bringing the outdoors in.

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A-Frame Ladders

Deck out this a-frame design with your favorite leafy plants for a minimalist vibe that packs a big statement. 

a-frame plant ladder

 Images: Connie & Luna, Lobster & Swan

Dried Herbs & Flower Racks

Create a rack hanging from the walls or ceiling to preserve your herbs and flowers with an eye-catching display. 

Hanging Herb Rack

Images: Joli Place

Hanging Wild Branches

Forage for wild branches to use as a base for your plant-filled statement piece. 

Wild Branch CanopyWild Branch Living Room

Images: @houseplantopia, Pinterest

Living Walls

Hang or attach plant holders on your walls to create the ultimate feature wall. 

Dwelling Plant Hangers

Images: our Dwellingly plant hangers

Over the Ledge

Take advantage of every ledge, window sill, and stairwell in your home to display your plant collection. 

Plant Ledge

Images: But What Should I Wear, Pinterest

Planter Boxes

You can't beat the classics. Set up and fill a planter box near a window to instantly breath life into any space. 

Planter BoxesPlanter box

Image: Avenue, Pinterest

Plant Hanger Clusters

Hang up clusters of plant hangers of various heights and sizes to create a dreamy and dynamic look. 

Hanging Plants

Images: Pinterest, Dwellingly Braid & Wood Plant Hanger

Suspended Ladders

Suspend a wooden ladder from the ceiling as the centerpiece to your spread of hanging plants. 

Images: Apartment Therapy, @telagraphstella

Rack them Up

For a cool urban and industrial look, take an old coat rack and hang your plants from it! 

Plants hanging from clothing rackPlants on clothing rack

Images: USTA, Apartment Therapy

Total Jungle Takeover

Last but not least, for that fully-committed jungalow vibe, fill your home completely from top to bottom with all of the plants you could ever stand to water. It's sure to transport you to a different world when you walk in!

Total Urban JungleTotal Jungle Home Takeover

Images: @haarkon, Pinterest

Thanks for visiting and reading! With this handy list, we hope you're feeling inspired to create your own leafy statement! Please share this page if it helped you out and stay posted on our InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest for more inspiration coming your way!  

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