Top 5 Hardest Houseplants to Kill

You're probably here because you're a plant killer. Spoiler alert: this is not a blog post about keeping your plants alive. Rather, think of it as your guide to uncovering your perfect match  the plant that will stay strong despite your inevitable neglect.

Each of these plants have been tried and tested by yours truly, a former plant killer. To be absolutely honest, I keep these out of direct sunlight, water them whenever I think about it (which isn't often) and everything seems to be a-ok. 

So without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 hardest houseplants to kill.

1. Snake Plant

Water: Every 2-6 weeks

Sunlight: Indirect 

Snake Plant - Dwellingly - Blog 

Image: Succulent City

2. Zebra Cactus

Water: Every 2-4 weeks

Sunlight: Indirect

Zebra Cactus - Dwellingly - Blog

Image: @my.succulent.addiction

3. Aloe Vera

Water: Every 2-3 weeks

Sunlight: Bright, Indirect

Aloe Vera Plant - Dwellingly - Blog

Image: @crazyplantguy

4. Cast Iron Plant

Water: Every 2-3 weeks

Light: Full or partial shade

 Cast Iron Plant - Dwellingly - Blog

Image: @foliage_fixation

5. Chinese Evergreen

Water: Every 2-3 weeks

Light: Low or indirect sunlight

Chinese Evergreens - Dwellingly - Blog

 Image: @terrigarza

And that's a wrap on my top picks for low-maintenance houseplants! Whether you start with just one or get the whole lot, I have faith you'll find it hard to kill any one of these choices.

Disclaimer: No plants were harmed in the making of this blog post! However, if you read through these options and still feel unconvinced, our "Home is Where I Kill My Plants" art print might be for you. We like to think of it as the world's most honest participation trophy. 

Image: @theoldhouseonmain

Happy planting! 

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